Fra et varmt lederhjerte

Fred Carlo Andersen,

Førstelektor ved Høgskolen i Østfold og Universitetet i Oslo

Andersen jobber med skolelederutdanning og lærerutdanning. Han har vært ansatt som universitetslektor og stipendiat ved Institutt for lærerutdanning og skoleutvikling (ILS) ved universitetet i Oslo.

Hans doktorgradsprosjekt handler om ledelse i en flerkulturell videregående skole. Han er tilknyttet det nasjonale rektorutdanningsprogrammet som coach ved Universitetet i Oslo.

Han har sitt hovedfag i flerkulturell og utviklingsrettet utdanning ved Høyskolen i Oslo (2000), med temaet minoritetsspråklige elever i videregående skole.

Andersen har sin praksiserfaring som lærer i videregående skole og som pedagogisk veileder, inspektør og rektor ved voksenopplæringsinstitusjon for innvandrere og morsmålsopplæring for språklige minoriteteter i grunnskolen. Fra 2004 har han vært tilknyttet faggruppen Utdanningsledelse ved ILS .



Andersen, F. C. (2001). Minoritetsspråklige elever i videregående skole.  Elevenes fortelling om hvordan de opplever sin skolehverdag forstått i lys av sosialisering. Avdeling for lærerutdanning. Oslo, Høgskolen i Oslo. Hovedfagsrapport.

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Samarbeidspartnere til

Geir Dale

Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation)

there is one elementary truth: 

The moment one definitely commits oneself,

then fate moves too.

Begin it now! Boldness has genius,

magic and power in it.


Geir works to support the coachee, and to increase awareness

of their situation. He has an open heart, seeking and holding the

new that is currently unfolding. His clear mind and sharp sight can

inspire and create enthusiasm in the midst of challenging work,

– we discover and create the new together!

Geir is knowledgeable and energetic. He is clearly experienced from

change work with individuals, organisations and communities. His

view is that personal development presupposes support – from the

coach/other persons and by self-support. This is because it can be

both very challenging, and, at the same time, necessary, to see the

parts of oneself that are resisting the intended growth, the parts

of oneself that have stagnated or been lost in infertile impasse.

From an awareness that holds all aspects of the person and the situation in view, the potential of the coachee can unfold.  Geir was educated and trained in political science and psychotherapy. His professional experience has seen him working on organisational change and conflict transformation issues with public, private and non-governmental organisations in multiple local and international environments. This includes youth across Norway, energy actors and shipping in Gabon, human rights organisations in Indonesia and peacebuilding actors in Albania. Geir has also played a leading role in the Red Cross organization ́s development of ‘Street Mediation’ – a civil society response to increasing violence and gang-related crime among young people in urban environments.

This model has since spread to more than 30 Red Cross units in Norway, and internationally to Red Cross units in Denmark, Belize and Zimbabwe. Today, Geir continues to work broadly as a consultant and coach, and as an assistant professor at the Norwegian Gestalt Institute, University College. He works with an ardent commitment to support and enhance those aspects

of performance that are appropriate for fulfilling human and organizational needs, the true, good and beautiful of the coachee in his or her situation

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